Jayne Critelli
Composer, Arranger, Songwriter, Vocalist, Piano and Voice Professor


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Jayne Critelli
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You Can't Beat The Feelin'
(Jayne Critelli/David Lucas)
Coca Cola Classic - Dionne Warwick Version

Statue Of Liberty Theme
(Jayne Critelli)

Put On A Shining Face
(Jayne Critelli)
Lysol - John Barranco, vocals

Coca Cola There's Nothing Like A Coca Cola Feelin
(Jayne Critelli)
Rory Dodd, vocals

Gloria Vanderbilt Perfume Demo - Let It Release You
(Jayne Critelli)
Jayne Critelli, vocals

Eastern Airlines
(Jayne Critelli/Peter Ostrowski)
You're Up There With The Best

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